What’s new?#


  • Improved handling of Azure resource type errors (#49)

  • Improved handling of Azure subscription errors (#48)

  • Fix invalid Docker deployment scan command (#48)

  • Remove reference to invalid AWS profile in AWS ECS deployment (#48)



  • (Details) Migration from Google’s soon-to-be-deprecated Security Command Center Asset API to Google’s Cloud Asset Inventory API. (#26)

  • Remove GCP stale seeds on each scan (#26)

  • Reset AWS STS creds between scanning for seeds and cloud assets. This will remedy the recursion errors that some customers have been seeing in their healthcheck logs. (#41)

  • Combine seeds submission for resource types with multiple versions (ex: AWS API Gateway v1 and API Gateway v2) (#40)

  • CI updates (#38)

  • Update dependencies (#39)

  • (Details) Optional environmental variable AZURE_REFRESH_ALL_REGIONS available to scan all Azure regions and clear out lingering stale seeds (#34)

  • Updates to documentation (#42)

Details about GCP API migration#

In response to Google’s deprecation of the Security Command Center (SCC) Asset API, the cloud connector will now use the Cloud Asset Inventory (CAI) as its source of truth.

Currently, we use GCP’s Security Command Center (SCC) API to list assets by asset type within an organization. SCC is deprecating functionality related to assets on June 26, 2024. Existing users of the SCC Asset API can continue using it until then, but new customers can no longer enable the API.

The Cloud Connector will migrate to using GCP’s Cloud Asset Inventory (CAI) API as its source of truth. All customers will need to enable this API and upgrade their cloud connector instances to v3.2.0 by June 26, 2024.


API usage#

SCC List Assets request –> CAI Search All Resources request


Service accounts will need the Cloud Asset Viewer (roles/cloudasset.viewer) role.

Service accounts no longer need the roles Security Command Center Assets Discovery Runner (securitycenter.assetsDiscoveryRunner) and Security Command Center Assets Viewer (securitycenter.assetsViewer).

What do customers need to do?#


Enable the CAI API:

gcloud CLI: gcloud services enable cloudasset.googleapis.com --project {PROJECT_ID}

Apply new permissions to service account:

gcloud CLI: gcloud organizations add-iam-policy-binding {ORGANIZATION ID} --member 'serviceAccount:{SERVICE ACCOUNT EMAIL}' --role 'roles/cloudasset.viewer' --condition=None --quiet

Details about Azure stale seeds workaround#

The Azure cloud connector currently submits assets that it finds during each scan to the Censys seeds API. When set to true, the environmental variable AZURE_REFRESH_ALL_REGIONS will submit an empty list to the Censys seeds API for every possible label (subscription+region) where assets were not found. This may cause the scan to run more slowly, so it is not enabled by default. Users can opt in on a per-connector basis by setting the environmental variable to true in the connector’s `.env`` file.