Getting Started#

It is important to note that this connector is a Python package. This allows you to run the connector from the command line as well as enables you to run the connector in as many different environments as you wish. We have provided a variety of deployment types and configuration options. We recommend that you install the package locally to take advantage of the configuration command line interface (censys-cc). After you have configured the connector, you can deploy it to your environment.



There may be additional requirements depending on the deployment method


Clone the repo

git clone
cd censys-cloud-connector

Ensure you have poetry installed (may require restarting shell)

pip install --upgrade poetry

Start a shell and activate the virtual environment (this is optional if you’d like to install dependencies globally)

poetry shell

Install the dependencies (a Makefile is provided for convenience in installation)

make install-all     # Install dependencies for all providers
make install-azure   # Azure only
make install-aws     # AWS only
make install-gcp     # GCP only

Copy .env.sample to .env

cp .env.sample .env

Environment Variables#

The connector uses environment variables to configure the connector. The CENSYS_API_KEY environment variable is required to run the connector.

The following environment variables are available for use in the connector:


Your Censys ASM API key found in the ASM Integrations Page. (Required)


The path to Provider Configuration.

Default: ./providers.yml


The path to the directory containing the secrets.

Default: ./secrets


The logging level. Valid values are DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, and CRITICAL.

Default: INFO


If set to true, the connector will not write any data to the ASM platform.

Default: false


If set to false, the connector will not report its health to the ASM platform.

Default: true


Azure-specific environmental variable. If set to true, the connector will clear stale seeds from regions no longer containing assets. This may take longer to run, but will ensure that stale seeds do not persist in the workspace. If set to false, the connector will submit seeds that are found as normal.

Default: false

Sample .env File#

.env.sample is a sample file that contains the above environment variables. Please use this file as a template to create your own .env file.


# Censys API Settings
# CENSYS_COOKIES={"key": "value"}