Getting Started#

It is important to note that this connector is a Python package. This allows you to run the connector from the command line as well as enables you to run the connector in as many different environments as you wish. We have provided a variety of deployment types and configuration options. We recommend that you install the package locally to take advantage of the configuration command line interface (censys-cc). After you have configured the connector, you can deploy it to your environment.



Clone the repo

git clone
cd censys-cloud-connector

Ensure you have poetry installed (may require restarting shell)

pip install --upgrade poetry

Install the dependencies

poetry install

Copy .env.sample to .env

cp .env.sample .env

Environment Variables#

The connector uses environment variables to configure the connector. The CENSYS_API_KEY environment variable is required to run the connector.

To learn more about the environment variables, see Environment Variables.



Before configuring the connector, make sure you are logged in to your cloud provider’s CLI tool. See our Supported Providers for more information.

To configure the connector, you can use the command line interface. The base command is censys-cc. The configuration command is:

poetry run censys-cc config

The censys-cc config command will guide you through the configuration of supported cloud providers. This command will assist you in generating Provider Configuration. This file can contain multiple provider configurations.

You have successfully configured your cloud connector if your Provider Configuration is populated with your credentials.

Running the Connector#

To run the connector, you can use the command line interface. The scan command is:

poetry run censys-cc scan

The censys-cc scan command will enumerate the configured cloud providers and scan the resources. The scan command will submit the public cloud assets to Censys ASM as Seeds and Cloud Assets.

Deploying the Connector#

The connector can be deployed to a variety of environments. We have provided several deployment methods. See Deployment Methods for more information.

Confirm Results#

Visit the Seed Data Page and the Storage Buckets Page to confirm that you’re seeing seeds and storage buckets from your cloud provider(s).

Additional options#

  • You can specify one or more providers in the command line with the flag --provider. The connector will only scan for assets from the specified providers.

  • You can set a scheduled interval for the connector to run on with the flag --daemon. This option takes in a time interval in hours. If you do not specify an interval, the default will be set to 1 hour.

    censys-cc scan --daemon       # Run every 1 hour
    censys-cc scan --daemon 1.5   # Run every 1.5 hours